The Realtor-Consumer Relationship for clients versus customers. When you deal with a REALTOR, you must know that we provide consumer protection in deposit ininsurance errors omissions insurances. When you work with a Realtor, you are working with the Brokerage that not only has the corporative but the legal and commercial experience of the firm to help you; the Broker of Records has the ultimate responsibility. A CLIENT relationship creates for more than a relationship but an obligation for a REALTOR. The Brokerage and the Sales Person have a fiduciary relationship with the client to represent it in real estate transactions through the Representation Agreement or listing agreement; a Buyer Representation Agreement with the buyer. In this agreeme, the obligations, services, confidential relationship, services amount and expiration day for the contract are clear. When you work with a Realtor, you are legally protected by a Real Estate Professional who represents you, and protect you fsigningsign a contract full of mistakes, inconsistences, lack of closes that might cause millions in a court. We have the responsibility of disclose any material fact related with the property, that might affect a buying or selling decisions. We also must verify the identity of sellers and buyers with whom you are dealing. A CUSTOMER it’s another kind of relationship when the person does not want the REALTOR represents them in the REAL ESTATE transaction. In Real Estate we provide customer service with restricted services such showing the properties, drafting offers, presenting the offers; documented in contracts without fiducial responsibility. We REALTORS act with fairness, honesty and integrity and our services will protect you from legal mistakes or run into unfair businesses. Do you really have the time and the courage to open the door to anybody who wants to see your house? We Realtors have sophisticate devices to pre-screening potential buyers. Do you pay attention to details? Don’t leave yourself open to future litigation. We attend several documents, deadlines, several emails, phone calls, mandatory clauses, inspections, certifications, zone analyses, regulations; Find the client is only one step of several ones. we work full time!