So… you took the decision of selling your home and move ahead?  Wait a moment! staging your home has to be the first.  Staging more than a science it’s a technical tool with a sense of art to organize, remove, declutter, and present your home showing mayor futures, hide personal and family staff; dominated by Professional Stagers.    
            Staging4Profit will produce your home Staging Report taking in consideration room by room at your house; we also include an exclusive questionary in regards your house situation.  Some owners need to re-arrange, re-direct and display every room in their home and create a more appealing home; Some change their mind after the Staging process to stay and love much more that special place called home. 
During the Staging process we encourage the fact that clients need to identify with the house and any extra or overdone decorations would distract from this purpose.  We also emphasize quality rather than quantity and the importance of showing the main purpose of each room.   This also includes a wall ‘colour consultation. Then the owner does the work based on our recommendations.  During our visit we might take pictures before and after!
Staging is a visual science rather than an art; where furniture, carpets, accents, paintings, cabinets can be re-oriented and complemented to induce clients to see rooms more spacious and appreciate a house’s architecture.  We will use what you have at home to keep your personal style. 
             If you sell faster for a good price that’s all what we need to celebrate together.
…” A survey conducted by the Real State Marketing firm, Home Gain, 2000 real estate agents deducted that home staging provides a 340 % return on investment.”
Let us know about staging your house or condo. We will be waiting for your call to suggest and produce a fantastic transformation in record time.
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